TEHNOSKOP Boshko DOOEL is private company established 1995. Located on own bussiness retail and administrative space of which 1500 m2 is open and 600m2 is under buldings. We owning our rolling stock for delivery to our clients. Our primary activity is trading with  raw materials in water supply systems, for example: pipes, fittings, hydrant equipment, hydro meters, stopers and others raw materials and armatures for water supply systems, and we have available dimensions of materials from DN50-DN600. The employees in TEHNOSKOP with their professional knowledge in district of water supply and water/sanitation materials are competent to give answers on every building investor who need a company which can be their full support, from supplying a little screw till equipment for primary watter supply, and all that supported with professional meanings. All employees operate like one team in all phases for realization of order, that kind of work give us satisfied, old and new clients. TEHNOSKOP also  participate in procurenment of materials for local and region water supplies.  Depending  of mentioned before, our bigest buyers are the giant companies from construction, installation contractors, conditory, public water suppliers in Republic of Macedonia, and others.TEHNOSKOP from the result of constancy, quality and trust from buyers had a contracts for distribution and exclusivity with best European manufacturers. Quality of the products what we have in our offer are supported with certificates and a-tests, also we offering proffesionals who can provide paralel solution for active project or problem and appropriate trening, for implementation and using of equipment. 

Quality of TEHNOSKOP growing from regular trainings and seminars, informing, researching i following market.

Continuous improving we achieved with timely recognition of needings i finding real solutions based of effectiveness, efficiency, quality, velocity, accuracy.

Future of TEHNOSKOP, with maximum commitment from the proffesional team of employees we are able to reach lider place of domestic market, and competitive partner in region.

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